Learn how to integrate with Froomle

This section explains how to get started with Froomle in a step-wise approach.

Step 1: Selecting integration options

To be able to give you qualitative recommendations in real-time, we need your online/offline events and as much of your item catalog metadata as you can share.

Integration Overview

We have a number of integration options for each of these connectors, for which we provide an overview in this section and more detail through each link. We also have an Sandbox API that provides an easy way to test the integration with the Froomle platform.

Item Connectors

Events Connectors

Recommendations Connectors

Items API

Events API

Recommendations API

Item Upload (SFTP)

JavaScript template

JavaScript template

Feed read by Froomle

Published to Froomle PubSub

Batch Recommendations (SFTP)

SFTP File Upload

Audience Selection (for user recommendations)

Step 2: Understanding the Froomle platform

To use our platform correctly, we recommend to read Step 2: Understanding the Froomle platform. This includes authentication, key functional concepts such as environments, page types and how we handle users. We also explain how we support AB testing.

Step 3: Synchronizing item metadata

We need access to your item catalog (articles, media content, products, blog posts, …​) to know which items can be recommended, for filtering and for optimizing our modules. Read Step 3: Synchronizing item metadata to understand how to set this up.

Step 4: Synchronizing tracking events

We need events from your users on your (online) channels. Read Step 4: Synchronizing tracking events to learn how to synchronize events with Froomle.

Step 5: Request & Show recommendations

In Step 5: Request & Show recommendations, you will learn how to request recommendations from the Froomle platform in order to render them on your online channel.

Step 6: Integration Quality Assurance & Go-Live

Learn how to use the Froomle Integration Monitoring Dashboard to ensure the quality of your integration in Step 6: Integration Quality Assurance & Go-Live.

End-to-end examples

Visit our example section for a number of end-to-end examples for integrating Froomle.