What is the Froomle platform?

Froomle offers a flexible personalization platform powered by artificial intelligence. We use proven algorithms in a flexible tool-kit to personalize your website, e-mails, push campaigns, on-site search or interactive (chat)bot.

Each of our configurable modules are optimized to solve a specific business goals like customer engagement, retention or conversion. Using the different modules provided by Froomle, you can give every single client an optimally relevant and personal experience with your brand.

Quickly explained:

Froomle Overview
  1. A user visits your website or app, or receives a message via an outbound channel,

  2. You send a request for recommendations to the right Froomle Platform API,

  3. The Froomle platform continuously calculates A.I. based models based on all your users' browsing history and your item catalog. We use only the information you share with us, no third party data,

  4. Froomle instantly responds with the items your website should present to the user,

  5. You show the recommendations to your visitor, hopefully triggering a conversion!

For example using our Recommended for You module, new users landing on your home page will get the best-performing content recommendations in each position while loyal visitors will get a combination of good performing articles and articles based on their reading behavior.

If you want to limit the recommendations to a selection made by your newsroom, you can use our Editor’s pick module.

On an article page, you can use our Continue Reading module to optimize session length, showing the articles with the highest probability to generate more clicks. If you use our Similar Articles, we’ll only recommend articles with matching tags.

Our conversion-oriented modules will help you show the best converting articles, and increase the conversion rate of your paywall.

How Froomle works

This is how our platform works:

  • We process the events from your online/offline channels, so that we know what each user was presented, clicked and what the user ended up watching or buying.

  • We also plug into your item catalog (products, articles, or anything else you want us to recommend). Combining the event data with any metadata you can provide to filter on or use for recommendations.

  • We use the shared data to train different machine learning algorithms, so we can provide you real-time recommendations in any module you want to use via our recommendations API.

    • This can be 'Similar items' on your website, 'Recommended items' in a mailing, the most relevant users for a certain push campaign, …​ or any combination.

    • We offer optimized settings for each module and can tailor them to your use case(s) together with you.

    • You can integrate our recommendations in your front- or back-end application depending on your architectural preference.

Documentation Overview

This documentation describes how the Froomle platforms works & how to integrate us. It also contains our full API reference and implementation examples. It is organized as follows:

  • Our Integration Handbook describes our connectors (integration options) & how to get started in a step-wise approach.

  • You can read our Example pages to understand how a specific use case or set of modules could be implemented.

  • Our Reference pages can be consulted for a complete reference of the different API’s we offer.