Sandbox API

What is the sandbox API?

The sandbox API is a free and easy way to integrate your web applications with the Froomle platform. The Froomle Sandbox API is a dummy API that mimics our API endpoints and methods, validates incoming request bodies and returns random dummy responses. It can be used in before and during the initial integration steps to gain familiarity with the Froomle APIs.

Currently, we support the Recommendations API and the Items API on our News implementation template.

Events API or others are not yet supported. No authentication is required for the API.

Once you gain sufficient confidence, contact Froomle for detailing out your implementation plan and agreeing on a date for the actual API’s to be ready for you.

How to use it?

Follow the API references as specified on our API Reference to get to know the different endpoints, methods, and request bodies and its parameters. Replace the {subdomain} by sandbox and set the environment to test_news e.g. "

An example for recommendations request

$ curl -X POST --location "" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer some-bearer-token" \
    -H "Prefer: dynamic=true" \
    -d "{
          \"device_id\": \"cookie-id-123\",
          \"user_id\": \"login-id-1234\",
          \"channel\": \"www-desktop\",
          \"page_type\": \"article_detail\",
          \"context_item\": \"current-article-id\",
          \"context_item_type\": \"article\",
          \"lists\": [
              \"list_name\": \"continue_reading\",
              \"module_id\": \"continue_reading\",
              \"list_size\": 3,
              \"tags\": [
              \"categories\": [